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NJTL Program

The 2010 National Junior Tennis League (NJTL) Program begins in the high desert on June 14th. The primary purpose of this program is to provide an atmosphere in which Juniors can gain tennis experience. The program features instruction with an emphasis in learning the basic tennis skills, having fun, and sportsmanship. The Southern California Tennis Association has administered this program for over 27 years with more than 155,000 youngsters participating in the past.

What it is: Tennis instruction program for children, ages 8 to 17 .

Cost: $10.00 per student — for entire program. Pre-registration is required, as well as a signed waiver by a parent or guardian. Make check payable to: “National Junior Tennis League".

What you get: 24 hours of instruction, certificate, T-shirts, tennis carnival, use of racquet, etc.

Which days it takes place: Four days per week (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday) for three weeks. Two-hour sessions each day.

Site Begin date Time Location
Hesperia June 14th 4:30 P.M. Hesperia High School
Hesperia June 14th 6:30 P.M. Hesperia High School
Hesperia June 14th 9:00 A.M. Oak Hills High School (ages 7 to 10)
Hesperia June 14th 11:00 A.M. Oak Hills High School (ages 11 to 14)
Victorville June 14th 6:00 P.M. Victor Valley High School
Victorville June 14th 7:30 A.M. Doris Davies Park
Victorville June 14th 9:30 A.M. Doris Davies Park
Victorville June 14th 8:00 A.M. Silverado High School

We have a sign-up form here in PDF format. For a map showing locations, see our Courts page.


  1. High Desert Tennis Association coordinates and oversees the NJTL Program in the High Desert area.
  2. NJTL is a funded by the Southern California Tennis Association (SCTA) and the Amateur Athletic Foundation (AAF) of Los Angeles.
  3. Some scholarships are available. No child is turned away due to inability to pay.
  4. Registration forms and brochures may be found at most libraries beginning June 1st.
  5. Call 760-951-8554 for more information.

Send your completed registration form and payment to: High Desert Tennis Association, Attn: Richard Roberts, 8663 SVL Box, Victorville, CA 92395.