High Desert Tennis AssociationHigh Desert Tennis Association

Tournament Guidelines for Players and Parents

For players — before the tournament

  • Check-in is fifteen minutes prior to match time. The player must check him/herself in at the tournament desk.
  • A player shall not enter two different tournaments scheduled at the same time.
  • If a player cannot make it to the tournament, it is his/her obligation to call the tournament and inform them that he/she will be unable to play.
  • It is the players responsibility to obtain his/her match time and playing venue. It is not the responsibility of the tournament to notify the player of his/her match time or playing venue.

For players — during play

  • Officials may go onto a court, even if the players have not requested their assistance.
  • Players are allowed to leave the playing area to:
    • go to the restroom,
    • to locate an official,
    • take a break between the 2nd and 3rd set.
  • There is a mandatory break of 10 minutes between 2nd and 3rd sets, except for the 18 and Under division.
  • Players in junior divisions shall be offered a minimum rest period of 60 minutes when playing back to back matches.
  • If a player feels that his/her opponent is making errors in his/her calls, then it is the player’s responsibility to get an official.
  • To avoid scoring disputes in non-officiated matches, the server shall announce the game score. Disputes over the score shall be resolved in the following order by one of the following methods:
    • Count all points and games agreed to by both players, and replay any disputed points / games.
    • Play from a score mutually agreeable to the players.
    • If no agreement can be reached, spin racquet or toss a coin.
  • Call an official to assist you in scoring disputes.
  • Remember, winning is important, but, HOW YOU PLAY THE GAME is more important.

For players — after play

  • When a match is completed, the winner shall immediately report the score to the tournament desk, and return the balls used in the match.

For parents

  • No coaching or talking to players is allowed, except to ask the score on a change over. Make sure to ask it loud enough so no one believes you are coaching.
  • Applauding on an error is inappropriate.
  • The court your child is on is not the only court that a parent must be aware of when cheering or talking. Please be courteous to those playing matches on other courts.
  • A parent may not speak to his/her child’s opponent during the match. This behavior could cause the child to be penalized and eventually defaulted. As a parent/guardian, you have the right to retire your son/daughter due to factors such as illness/injury, bad behavior, etc. It is always a good idea to locate an official or tournament personnel before you do this.