High Desert Tennis AssociationHigh Desert Tennis Association

12th Annual Memorial Day Open Tennis Championship

Spring Valley Lake Country Club
Spring Valley Lake, California
May 27-29, 2000

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The Men’s Open Division Final found John Siefke, age fifteen, looking across the net at James Wessel, of Cal Poly Pomona, a 6'4” nineteen-year-old, who was seeded #1 in this tournament. John said before the match, “I want Wessel."

From the first game John showed clear signs of confidence and control as he rocketed powerful serves and delivered punishing groundstrokes and crisp net play.

The match was entertaining and a real crowd-pleaser, and the spectators came to their feet in applause when John won 6-1 6-4, and became the youngest player ever to win the Spring Valley Lake/Desert Community Bank Open Singles Title.

Men’s Open Singles

Seed First round Semifinals Final Champion
1 James Wessel Wessel Wessel Siefke
61 64
  David Ceballos
  Justin Harper
  Brian Gill
  Paul Ramos Siefke
  Edward Dugaduga
Kenny Reveteriano Siefke
2 John Siefke
Tournament director: Hassan Humayun


1 James Wessel
2 John Siefke