High Desert Tennis AssociationHigh Desert Tennis Association

15th Annual Memorial Day Open Tennis Championship

Spring Valley Lake Country Club
Spring Valley Lake, California
May 24-26, 2003

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Draw Sheets

  • Men’s Singles
  • Men’s Doubles
    • Men’s Open Doubles
    • Men’s A Doubles
    • Men’s B Doubles
    • Men’s C Doubles
  • Women’s Singles
    • Women’s A Singles
    • Women’s B Singles
    • Women’s C Singles
  • Women’s Doubles
    • Women’s A Doubles
    • Women’s B Doubles
    • Women’s C Doubles
  • Mixed Doubles
    • Mixed Open Doubles
    • Mixed A Doubles
    • Mixed B Doubles
  • Junior Boys' Singles
    • Junior Boys' A Singles
    • Junior Boys' B Singles
  • Junior Girls' Singles
    • Junior Girls' A Singles
    • Junior Girls' B Singles

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