High Desert Tennis AssociationHigh Desert Tennis Association

18th Annual Memorial Day Open Tennis Championships

Spring Valley Lake Country Club
Spring Valley Lake, California
May 27-29, 2006 (early rounds of the A, B, C, and Junior competitions)
June 3-4, 2006 (finals in the A, B, C, and Junior divisions, and all Open matches)

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Men’s B Singles

First round Quarterfinals Semifinals Final Champion
Mike Gardner Gardner Gardner
63 62
26 63 64
64 62
Morgan Sanchez Sanchez
75 63
Nick Mason
John Hartig Elliott
62 16 60
62 64
Wayne Elliott
(bye) Williams
Clyde Williams
Kevin Squire Squire Taing
62 63
63 75
Brent Vance Taing
63 60
Seng Taing
(bye) Zagala Zagala
46 62 61
Ben Zagala
(bye) Liberty
Ryan Liberty
Tournament director: Hassan Humayun