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Tuesday, May 28, 2002

World class tennis in H.D.

The top-ranked J.C. player faced off with a former All-America in the DCB finals

By GEOFF FISK/Staff Writer
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VICTORVILLE — On almost any other day, residents of the High Desert would have to turn on the television to see world-class tennis.

That wasn't the case on this 2002 Memorial Day, as players with ATP and Davis Cup experience were on display for the finals of the DCB Open Tennis Championship at the Spring Valley Lake Country Club on Monday.

The singles open final featured Italian-native Adriano Biasella, the top-ranked junior college player in the country taking on Kyle Spencer, a former All-American at USC who once played in the doubles final of the NCAA Tournament and is currently ranked No. 110 in doubles on the ATP Tour.

Biasella, a 21-year old with a 130-mph serve, won the final 6-4, 6-4, and the quality match had the crowd, which increased in size on each day of the three-day event, applauding loudly with appreciation.

"This tournament was really well done,” Spencer said. “It was a good, competitive draw and there were some tough but good matches."

Biasella, who currently plays at College of the Desert, was the focus of much attention throughout the event, and had to pull double duty on Monday, playing in the open doubles finals less than two hours after putting the finishing touches on his singles victory.

"It was pretty tough,” Biasella said. “(Spencer) has a very good serve, but I finally got a break at 4-1 in the first set, and then the second set was still tough."

Biasella didn't get a chance to take home two first-place trophies, as he and Guy Fritz dropped the doubles finals to Oren Motevassal and Ken Kuperstein 6-4, 1-0. Fritz, who was only 10 minutes removed from his own singles action when the doubles final started, retired in the second set.

Motevassal and Kuperstein were the top two seeds in the singles open bracket, and Motevassal had played in the Davis Cup for Israel while Kuperstein came in as the defending singles champion in the tournament.

"This was a great week,” Kuperstein said. “You had three ATP players, a pretty good level of play and some really good, close matches. It was organized very well."

Motevassal, currently ranked No. 161 on the ATP Tour, also enjoyed the experience.

"They had a nice party for us, and the organization of the tournament was great and the people here were friendly,” Motevassal said. “I look forward to coming back."

For tournament director Hassan Humayun, the progress of the event since he took over three years ago has been tremendous.

"This was a breakthrough year,” Humayun said. “I got a lot of calls from all over telling me that we had a great event. I think it will become a popular event in Southern California."

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