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Spring Valley Lake Country Club Presents The High Desert Tennis Library

Gilbert Duran tells us that for the love of the game, he has started a High Desert Tennis Library at Spring Valley Lake Country Club. You can check out a DVD or book if you are a club member, or if you participated in Top Gun Events. Otherwise, you can rent DVDs and books for $2.50 for two weeks. Finally, if you donate a tennis DVD to the High Desert Library you may check out items for free.

If you have suggestion for the High Desert Tennis Library or Top Gun, please feel free to contact Gil.

Enclosed you will find a list of titles currently in the library.

Format Title
DVD Modern Backhand
DVD Playing Successful Doubles - Offense
DVD Playing Successful Doubles
DVD The Forehand
DVD The Backhand
DVD Nick Bollettieri - Strategy Zone
DVD Nick Bollettieri - Control
DVD Nick Bollettieri - Hurt
DVD Nick Bollettieri - Finish
DVD Nick Bollettieri - Coaching
DVD Nick Bollettieri - Serve
DVD Nick Bollettieri - Back Board
DVD Nick Bollettieri - Perfect Work Out
DVD Nick Bollettieri - Movement Tips
DVD Nick Bollettieri - 12 Strategic Tips
DVD Core Performance for Tennis Players
DVD Sybervision Chris Evert 1 Basics - Traditional
DVD Sybervision Chris Evert 2 Intermediate - Traditional
DVD Sybervision Chris Evert 3 Advanced - Traditional
DVD Sybervision Stan Smith Basics - Traditional
Book Tennis - Wayne Bryan
Book Modern Doubles - Stan Smith & Bob Lutz
Book McEnroe - a Rage for Perfection
Book How to beat a Better Player - Loring Fiske
Book Tennis - Pancho Gonzales
Book Quick Tennis - Henry Hines
Book My Life & Game - Bjorn Borg
Book Play Tennis with Ken Rosewall