High Desert Tennis AssociationHigh Desert Tennis Association

Inside an HDTA meeting

Here are the dedicated men and women who comprise the High Desert Tennis Association, captured at a recent high-level meeting.

Greg Raven

Greg Raven making changes to his MySpace page during the treasurer’s report.

Rick Golden

Rick Golden reacting to one of President Raven’s many side-splitting bon mots.

Richard Roberts

Richard Roberts came well-equipped for the all the 'yakking that normally goes on at our meetings.

Tim Wallace

Tim Wallace performing a lovely a cappella rendition of Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” for the other board members during a brief interlude in the otherwise hectic schedule.

Lela Atkins

Lela Atkins showing her relief on learning that none of these photos would appear on the website.

Artist’s conception of board member Doug Shumway (absent).

Artist’s conception of board member Bill Taylor (absent).

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