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Court washing

Saturday, September 5th, three fire fighters from the 11th Street station came to Oak Hills High School tennis courts. They worked for two hours and with fifteen students and four parents to clean the tennis courts. All this in preparation for the opening of the girls' tennis season (the first ever home tennis match will be played at 3:00 p.m. on Friday, September 11th).

The courts were extremely dirty from months of construction work at the school site. The coach and a few players attempted to clean the courts one Saturday, but it took 4½ hours to finish one court. There had to be a more effective and time efficient solution, and time was running out! After considering a number of solutions, coach Tim Wallace consulted with a “wise old tennis pro” from Apple Valley. He suggested that we approach the local fire department to solve our problem, and what an effective and creative solution it was.

Captain Ken Halseth and two other fire fighters made this wonderful story happen. You can e-mail Captain Halseth here.