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High Desert Tennis Pros, Instructors, and Coaches

Appearance in this listing is not an endorsement by the HDTA, but rather is informational. It is up to you to choose a pro who is appropriate for your circumstances.

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Name Category Location(s) Cost Phone Email
Liz Lichfield   Acton call 661-269-0324 Click me
Beau Smith coach Apple Valley call 760-403-8045 Click me
Larry Sunderland coach Apple Valley call 760-962-1440 Click me
Earl Goldman pro Apple Valley call 760-221-5706 Click me
Gil Duran pro Apple Valley $30/hr 760-486-6760 Click me
Brian Gill pro Apple Valley call 760-792-5933 Click me
Pat Jenkins coach Apple Valley / Hesperia call 760-220-2599 Click me
Bill Mocharnuk pro / coach Apple Valley / Victorville call 760-217-0258 Click me
Jennifer Wiedeman coach Hesperia call 760-403-3987 Click me
Jim Taper coach Hesperia call 760-885-6748 Click me
Melissa Carlson coach Hesperia call   Click me
Wayne Elliott coach Hesperia call 760-985-5456 Click me
Lela Atkins pro Hesperia call 760 244-7783 Click me
Tim Wallace coach Hesperia / Victorville call 760-403-7093 Click me
Kim Eaton fitness Hesperia / Victorville $20 760-684-5648 Click me
Eddy Leuridan fitness Hesperia / Victorville $20 760-684-5648 Click me
Stephanie Williams pro Sunset Ridge Park call 760-948-7582 Click me
Brett Stacy pro Victorville call 760-953-9949 Click me
Kenny Reveteriano pro Victorville call 760-954-5003
Mark Goodman pro Victorville call 760-221-7654 Click me
Joe Madoo   Victorville / Apple Valley call 760-912-9855 Click me
Ryan Cox coach Victorville / Apple Valley call 760-218-9928 Click me
Justin Harper coach / pro Victorville / Apple Valley call 760-900-3671 Click me
Barbara Jones pro Victorville / Apple Valley call 760-981-3832 Click me
Matt Bullock pro Victorville / Apple Valley call 760-881-7446 Click me
Mike Sanchez pro Victorville / Apple Valley call 760-987-5008 Click me
Marites Killion coach VVC call 760-792-2159 Click me
Hope Young instructor VVC call 760-242-1901 Click me
Kishan Wicks pro your choice call 760-954-4772 Click me

If you are a tennis pro here in the high desert and would like to be listed, send us your information. If you send us enough material, we’ll put up a page just for you — no charge.